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Package N° 1
Seven 340R SV– the all-conquering Caterham

You want to feel that pure Caterham experience?

Enjoy pure driving pleasure - unplugged, without any filter or electronic gimmicks! With our ultra-lightweight Caterham rental cars (168hp, only 560kg, roadster), you can feel this puristic pleasure!


Make your booking now for an unforgettable experience or order a gift card for your beloved ones.



Packages road

  • 1 half day incl. 150 kilometers (Mon-Thu 9-12 or 13-16) € 199,- (additional km: € 0,59)
  • 1 full day incl. 250 kilometers (Mon - Thu 9-17)  € 279,- (additional km: € 0,59)
  • 1 short week incl. 500 kilometers (Mon 9:00 to Thu 17:00) € 699,- (additional km: € 0,59)
  • 1 weekend incl. 500 kilometers (Fri 13:00 to Sun 17:00) € 699,- (additional km: € 0,59)
  • 1 week incl. 900 kilometers (e.g. Mon-Mon from 9:00) € 1099,- (additional km: € 0,59)



Packages track

  • 1 fast lap with our Caterham 340R SV (168 hp, 560kg, roadster) as co-pilot of a pro-driver: € 69,-
  • Caterham 340R SV (168 hp, 560kg, roadster) as a driver on track: ask us!
  • Track-training with professional instructor (Pro-racecar-driver) in the Caterham 340R SV: ask us!



Gift cards

  • All of our Caterham experiences can also be booked via gift cars. Just write us an Email with your preferences!



General terms of business (rental)

Our SEVEN 340R SV is covered by a fully comprehensive insurance (deductible: € 700,--). This is why the deposit for rentals is € 700,--. You can do the deposit before the rental in cash, via bank transfer or credit card. 


In case of bad weather, we do not rent rent out our cars (because when it's raining, it's only half the fun). If there is bad weather, we just arrange another date for your experience without any additional cost for you.

Our rental cars are filled up with fuel when handed over to you. Please fill them up with fuel again before bringing them back. In case of extreme dirtyness of the car when it is brought back, we charge additional € 29,-- for cleaning.


Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation 10 days in advance: no cancellation cost
  • Cancellation between day 9 and 48 in advance: 50% of cost for booked experience
  • Cancellation within 48 hours in advance: 100% of cost for booked experience
  • When weather is bad: arrangement of another date for your experience without any additional cost
CATERHAM  Showroom


SEVEN 485 – The fastest Caterham in Europe


Some cars just aren’t afraid of any road that comes into view. The Seven 485 is one of those cars. The Seven 485 is the fastest production car we’ve ever built in Europe.


A 237 hp champion ready to take on any highway one-on-one, the Seven 485 delivers huge dollops of torque, backed up by a high-revving, dry-sumped engine that makes it a wild, but intensely visceral ride.


540 Kg, 237 hp, 0-100 in 3,1 seconds and a top speed of 225 kph allow a totally new dimension of analogue driving experience. 


This isn’t a car it’s a missile. With Wheels. And you’re in it.

Do you dare…?

technical details

S Pack
2.0 Caterham Motorsport Duratec – 237 hp
5-speed manual gearbox
Dry sump oil system
15" Orcus wheels / Avon tyres (7"F+7"R). Anthrazit/Silber c
Ventilated front discs + quad piston callipers
Superlight Suspension
Black leather seats + tunnel top
Boot cover in black vinyl
Four point road harness
Various Carbon components
Black wind deflector
Limited Slip Differential
Non-Metallic Paint
12V Socket
Rear anti roll bar
Caterham “S” model badging
Floor mats, tunnel & boot floor carpet
R Pack
13" Apollo wheels / Avon tyres (6" F+8"R)
Aerofoil wishbones
Race damper kit
ACES gear change lights
Carbon leather pack
Caterham “R” model badging
Large chasssis
Lowered Floors
High intensity lights with LED
Tonneau cover + half sidescreens in black vinyl
ZZR track only tyre upgrade – only on Apollo
Track day roll over bar
Plumbed in fire extinguisher
Battery master switch
Uprated brake master cylinder
Carbon fibre wind deflector
Carbon fibre front wings
Carbon fibre rear wings
Carbon fibre nose cone
Carpeted interior
Map pocket
Tech Specs
Engine: Ford 2.0l Duratec
0-100 kph: 3,1 sec.
Power: 237 hp at 7800 rpm
Torque: 232 Nm at 6100 rpm
Topspeed: 225 kph
Weight: 540 kg
Power to weight: 2,25 Kg per hp
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